Have students color butterflies then cut them out give them a short period of time (8-10 minutes to complete). Next, one group of students place thier butterflies around the room in plain sight and another group of students then โ€œeatsโ€ as many as they can find in 20 seconds. This shows students exactly how Natural Selection happens in nature. This will then lead into the Rock Pocket Mouse.

Vocabulary: * mutation * genes * evolution * ecosystem * natural selection * adaptations * species * organism * population

Butterfly template

Students will get on https://www.onezoom.org/ and investigate rodents and their success/stuggles. Investigate Wyoming animals.

One Zoom worksheet

The Mouse Hunter computer activity

Mouse cards on light/dark background

Wkst. How can Evolution be observed in mouse populations?

International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources/IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Natural Selection - Darwin reading/wkst, data, extension to lesson